Anita and Pattie

Growing up, having two grandmothers was always normal to me. I never questioned it or thought of it as unusual. I felt the same unconditional love and support from my grandmothers as I did from all my other grandparents. But as I got older I started to wonder about their pasts. How did it affect my mom and aunt? What was it like coming out, especially decades ago? What type of barriers did they have to break through? I’m so thankful that both of my grandmothers had the courage to pursue the life they dreamed of. I can’t imagine what my family’s lives would be like if they hadn’t. I’m so lucky to have such strong, courageous role models in my life.

14 thoughts on “Anita and Pattie”

  1. When Autumn was 3 or 4 years old, she came to me and said : “Grammy, I have a question. I asked mommy if you and Paa-Paa (her name for Pattie) are wife and wife, like mommy and daddy are husband and wife. She said yes. Are you?” Well, I hesitated a minute, then said, “If that’s what mommy said, then, yes, that’s true.” She just said, “Okay, I just wanted to know for sure.” At the time, I thought “If only it could be that simple”! Autumn you have always been wise beyond your years, a quiet force to be reckoned with in the future. You have edited this video to tell our story in such a kind manner. Thank you.


  2. Dearest Autumn,

    You continue gifting the planet with this interview of your grandmothers and our beloved friends. The filming and editing add to your writing skills.
    You are a force for good and truth.

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  3. What a beautifully told story of two amazingly lovely and loving, brave ladies. Once again you have taught me things, Thank You Autumn and Thank You Anita and Patti.

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  4. Beautifully done Autumn. I felt like I was watching a story that could have easily been on TV on a major network. Their story of love was simple and honest, yet captivating. It was edited perfectly. Which I can’t imagine is easy to do.Thank you for sharing ♥️

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  5. Autumn,
    A beautiful editing of a story that is filled with compassion, brilliance, and most importantly LOVE. While I don’t know Patti and Anita well, I am proud to be associated with them through you and your mom. I’ve enjoyed the limited time we’ve spent together at family gatherings. This post affirms feelings that I’ve had of two strong, brave, loving partners. Thank you, Anita and Patti, for sharing your stories with Autumn and thank you, Autumn, for a wonderful rendering of their love.

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  6. All I can say is that this was a truly amazing piece and you are a very talented young woman. Keep up the great work and always fight the for what you know and believe to be right regardless of what others think. Thank you for this wonderful story💗

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  7. I have known your grandmothers for many years and yet feel that I know them so much better after watching. This is so well done on so many levels. From the editing, to the music and the insightful discussion…so impressive.

    Autumn, you are very talented. I enjoying every medium, both your blog and now your videos. Your perspective is so unique and it’s conveyed in such a joyous and unobtrusive manner. Keep up the good work! You have a big fan in PA.

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