Advice From my Grandparents

I asked my grandparents what advice they would give to someone younger than them. They delivered. I think their answers speak for themselves.

“Luck = preparation paired with opportunity. If you are not prepared, the opportunity will be irrelevant.”

“Respect and honor your family. Remember that sometimes your true family doesn’t grow up under the same roof.”

“I have wept in the night
At my shortness of sight
That to others’ needs made me blind;
But I never have yet
Had a twinge of regret
For being a little too kind.”

C.R. Gibson

“Losing is not the same as failing.”

Failing means not trying, and not trying means guaranteed failure.

“Possessions are nice but as you grow older you begin to realize that in the end your family and friends should be your most prized possessions.”

“Be honest above reproach.”

“An expensive gift will be forgotten over time. A gift from the heart will never lose its shine.”

“Remain true to yourself, even when it is hard or lonely.”

“Character is important. If tasked with a chore, do it like you were being watched even if you are alone.”

“Open your mind to art, music, literature, and people different than you and your experience.”

“Keep your word. If you say you will do something then, by all means, do it.”

“Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so shall you fulfill the law of Christ.”

Galatians 6:2

“The most important words that someone could ever say to anyone else are the words ‘I love you.’ They should be the last words out of your mouth as you tuck your child into bed at night, as you say goodbye to a family member or friend. Those three words are so powerful!”

“It is not always the smartest person in the room who is successful, but the one who is most persistent.”

Thank you Poppop, Grandma Nae, Grammy, Papa, Grandmom, Grandpop, Bill, and Mary for sharing your advice. I don’t know where I’d be without such awesome grandparents!

3 thoughts on “Advice From my Grandparents”

  1. As one of those grandparents you mentioned, I would like to add: Please keep being the wonderful granddaughter, daughter, sister, friend, person that you are… are an amazing young woman and I am so proud of you!

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